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The Barn 1953 - 1967

The BarnThe beloved tabernacle in which we knew the presence of God during our fourteen years of struggling in this wilderness with no permanent dwelling place. The presage of better things. In it we prayed and planned , witnessed and worshiped; here many of us first met the Master or came to a closer walk with Him. It's rooms rang to the sound of the hammer., echoed the whine of the saw and later listened to the prayers of little children being taught the way to God. Some of the hands that fashioned it have already been lifted before an eternal altar where they have laid their trophies at Jesus' feet, and others of us God has blessed in this world by allowing us to see our prayers answered in the erection of the building in which the reader now stands. In it we hang this picture to remind us of how we have been blessed -- least we forget, least we forget!! And of the beloved old barn we say with the psalmist, "Let my right hand forget her skill... and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth if I forget Thee...," Psalm 137:5 - 6

First Pulpit

First Pulpit

Barn Pew